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Neef, Henry B., House, Douglas County, Nebraska


[photo] Neef HouseIn the late 1920s, the concept of the “all-steel house” swept across the nation from Richard Tappan’s Jamaica-Hillside development in New York to Richard Nuetra’s Lovell Health House in the Hollywood Hills, and even to Omaha, Nebraska, where the Henry B. Neef House stands as the best, and perhaps only, property in Nebraska that is associated with the rise of the “steel house” between 1926 and 1933. While ultimately finding only limited success, there is little doubt that the concept of the steel house played a significant role in how Americans imagined how their future during the boundless optimism of the late 1920s and into the uncertainty of the Great Depression. The strength of steel, used in industrial applications, was unmatched by any other alloy, and some architects and steel companies decided to put into practice what they saw as the next advance in residential architecture, replacing wood, although when put into practice, the steel framework was hidden under brick and stucco veneers and period revival forms. The house was completed in 1929. The house, with a concrete block foundation and brick and stucco walls, still retains excellent historic integrity today.

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