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Herrera Ranch, Bexar County, Texas

[photo] Cedar Grove
The Herrara Family over time: from 1887, to 1898 to more recent.
The Herrera Ranch is a rare early-19th century homestead complex in south Texas that reflects the important historic tradition of ranching in the region. Founded by early Tejano/Hispanic family settlers, the ranch has been used continuously with either livestock and/or agricultural ranching from 1845 until the present. In addition to pastureland and landscape, the ranch consists of a family complex of adobe structures (known as jacals) which are built in a style that once characterized Texas during the early 19th century. Other historic built features throughout the ranch reflect the evolution and changing uses of the land, from active ranching, to one of scaled back ranching activities, to social and community events, to the simple pasturing of animals today.

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