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Sauganash Historic District, Cook County, IL

[photo] Sauganash Historic DistrictBetween 1840 and 1880 Chicago’s population multiplied 126 times over. As hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the city, they encountered congested streets, crowded tenements, and unsanitary living conditions. However, by the turn of 19th century, reliable and affordable transportation to and from the city center allowed for working individuals to commute from suburban developments, such as the Sauganash Historic District. Built between 1912 and 1950, Sauganash was conceived by its developers, Koester and Zander, as a haven for middle-class families fleeing the crowded city center. The neighborhood, with its streetscapes, specific housing types, and carefully designed public spaces, was developed as a distinct community, the design and style of which continues to set Sauganash apart from the rest of the city today.
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