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Kent State Shootings Site, Portage County, OH

In 1970, student unrest was considered the major social problem in the United States. On May 4 of that year, Kent State University was placed in an international spotlight after a student protest against the Vietnam War and the presence of the Ohio National Guard on campus ended in tragedy. On what would come to be known as the day the war came home to America, the National Guard shot and killed four students, wounding nine others. The Kent State Shootings Site is considered nationally significant given its broad effects in causing the largest student strike in the United States history, affecting public opinion about the Vietnam War, creating a legal precedent established by the trials subsequent to the shootings, and for the symbolic status the event has attained as a result of a government confronting protesting citizens with unreasonable deadly force. Today, people continue to visit Kent State University to see the site of the shootings and the University has begun plans for the construction of an interpretive center.

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