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Central Diner, Providence County, Rhode Island

PhotoThe 1947 Central Diner--Worcester Lunch Car Company Diner #806 is a rare and well-preserved example of a distinctive twentieth-century American building type. The Central Diner, which is still in use, is a one-story, steel-framed prefabricated structure, measuring ten feet six inches in width by forty feet in length with three-foot projecting roof overhangs on each end. Inside, the diner has remained largely intact since the day it rolled out of the Worcester Lunch Car Company factory, and is in good condition. Diners were once a fixture of Providence's business centers, industrial districts, and roadsides, serving shift workers, after-hours revelers, business people, and drivers at all hours of the day and night. In the last decades of the twentieth century, Americans began to rediscover the history and architecture of the diner.

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