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Captain Daniel S. and Fannie L. (Brooks) Lee House, Buchanan County, IA

PhotoThe Lee house, built in 1867, is an excellent example of the Italianate Style of domestic architecture, popular in the United States from approximately 1840-1885. Its simple cubical form, symmetrical proportions, belvedere, and extensive use of brackets are typical of the style. Daniel S. Lee was a prominent early settler in Independence. Lee became the first volunteer from Buchanan County to fight in the Civil War and helped raise a company of men to join him. In 1917 the house became the home of the Peoples Memorial AKA Peoples Hospital. Despite its use as a hospital, the Lee house retains its integrity of design, materials and workmanship. Currently, the Buchanan County Historical Society is renovating the building as funding permits. When completed, it will be furnished with pieces from the Society's collection and opened as a house museum and meeting facility.

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