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Michael J. Kirwan Educational Television Center, Tutuila Island, Western, American Samoa

PhotoCompleted in 1964, the Kirwan Center was part of a bold, post-war development program designed to modernize American Samoa's local educational system by, among other things, initiating an extensive educational television program. With the establishment of the new educational programs in the Kirwan Center facility, lesson plans could now be televised to the most remote villages in the six islands of American Samoa. The innovative television educational program housed at the Center was considered the first of its kind in the "underdeveloped world" and garnered considerable attention from educators and large and small countries that saw similar programs as potential catalysts for transformation of their own regions. The property is still used for its intended communication purposes.

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American Samoa recently suffered a Tsunami Disaster. If you wish to see how you can help out, you can visit their congressional representative's website for more information.

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