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Upper Sandy Guard Station Cabin, Clackamas County, Oregon

Point of RocksThe Upper Sandy Guard Station Cabin, built in 1935, is an exceptional expression of a "rugged" Rustic style U.S. Forest Service building constructed by skilled local carpenters and laborers assisted by men employed under one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal work relief programs. Funded by the Emergency Relief Appropriations (ERA) Act of 1935, and cooperating funds from the City of Portland, the cabin was built along the newly constructed Timberline Trail specifically to provide housing for an administrative guard to protect the Bull Run Division watershed, the source of the City of Portland's drinking water supply, from public entry. The guard station is no longer used as an administrative site and is now located within the Mt. Hood Wilderness and is managed by the Zigzag Ranger District of the Mt. Hood National Forest.

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