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Property Name Perez Rancho Site and Delores Crossing
Reference Number R_A_14000099
State TX
County Bexar
Town San Antonio
Street Address Address Restricted
Multiple Property Submission Name El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail MPS
Status Listed 11/26/2014
Areas of Significance ARCHEOLOGY/ Historic Non- Aboriginal, EXPLORATION/SETTLEMENT
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The Perez Rancho Site and the Dolores Crossing in southwestern Bexar County, Texas, are within the Medina River Natural Area Park. The historic property includes the rancho's primary dwelling site, a jacal dwelling, the river crossing site, and on a discontiguous parcel - the Perez family cemetery. Perez Rancho was one of the first Spanish colonial-era ranchos established along the Medina River. The rancho was strategically located near San Antonio and over time was crossed by several roads associated with El Camino Real including Camino de la Pita, Palo Alto Road, Camino de en Media or Lower Presidio Road, and Laredo Road. The location also offered several crossing points of the Medina River including Mann Crossing, Garza Crossing, Paso del Talin, Paso del las Carretas, Paso de Dolores/Perez/Applewhite, and Paso Tranquestas /Kerr's Crossing.30 Juan Ygnacio Perez, a grandson of one of the original Canary Island immigrants to San Antonio de Bexar, was a successful military and political leader at the frontier outpost, and made the Perez family one of the most influential and wealthiest in Spanish Texas. Upon his death in 1823, his eldest son, Jose, inherited the rancho and was a capable rancher and businessman in his own right. As Mexican loyalists, the Perez family was forced to abandon their holdings during the mid-1830s, but they regained control of the rancho in 1851. Descendants of the original family maintained ownership of the rancho through the late twentieth century.

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El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail MPS


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