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Property Name Cherokee Trail of Tears in Missouri, 1837-1839 Cover
Reference Number 64501226
State Missouri
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Multiple Property Submission Name Cherokee Trail of Tears in Missouri, 1837-1839
Status Accepted 10/22/2014
Areas of Significance
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In 2000 the National Park Service funded a nationwide historic context and Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) entitled "Historic and Archaeological Resources of the Cherokee Trail of Tears." The document provides a historic overview of intergovernmental relations between the United States and the Cherokee Nation, events leading to the forced removal of the Cherokee from the southeastern states, and the location of and experience along the various trail routes. At that time, however, very little research had been completed on the roads of Missouri and likely routes of the Cherokee through the state. The Cherokee were known to have taken three general routes through Missouri: the Northern Route taken by 11 detachments; the Hildebrand Route, a variation on the Northern Route; and the Benge Route. The Benge Route, notably, was largely speculative and possible routes suggested by the Map Supplement for the Comprehensive Management and Use Plan for the Trail of Tears National Historic Trai/2 and Duane King's "Report on the Cherokee Trail of Tears: Correcting and Updating the 1992 Map Supplement" are not consistent with more recent research. The Hildebrand variation of the Northern Route, too, was largely in unknown in 2000 and in places continues to be so.

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Cherokee Trail of Tears in Missouri, 1837-1839


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