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Property Name Friendship Garden
Reference Number 15000885
State Hawaii
County Honolulu
Town Kaneohe
Street Address 45-226 Kokokahi Place
Multiple Property Submission Name N/A
Status Listed 6/7/2016
Areas of Significance Social History
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Friendship Garden is an integral part of the Kokokahi Tract, which was developed in 1927 as a consciously designed Christian, multi-ethnic community based on a belief in the brotherhood of mankind. The name of the subdivision, Kokokahi, translates "one blood," and recalls a quotation from Chapter XVII of The Bible's book of Acts, "God has made of one blood all nations of men." The inspiration of Theodore Richards, the subdivision was intended to demonstrate that all the peoples of Hawaii could live together in harmony. To make this, at the time seemingly idealistic, vision a reality, Theodore and Mary Atherton Richards in 1926 sold lands they owned in the Kauluwela district, which was roughly bounded by King and School streets, and Nuuanu Avenue and Liliha Street. They used the realized moneys as a down payment to acquire from Kaneohe Ranch the 39 acres of land which would eventually become Kokokahi. The total price for the land was $45,000, and in 1927 the valley was platted with 87 lots. Richards envisioned Kokokahi as a Christian convention and recreation center, and vacation settlement. He established a camp at the lower elevation of the valley, and private house lots were laid out along the winding road which was constructed up the valley. The top of the valley was left undeveloped as an open space park for hiking, and was named Friendship Garden.

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