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Property Name Juarez, Cayetano Adobe
Reference Number 15000122
State California
County Napa
Town Napa
Street Address 376 Soscol Avenue
Multiple Property Submission Name N/A
Status Listed 4/30/2015
Areas of Significance Exploration/Settlement, Ethnic Heritage: Mexican
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The Cayetano Juarez Adobe (current address: 376 Soscol Avenue) is the only extant building from the 1840s-1850s in the City ofNapa. Mexican Army soldier Don Cayetano Juarez, a native Californian, established Rancho Tulucay in 1840 on the eastern side of the Napa River after receiving a land grant from Mexican General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo. Juarez built several adobe mud brick structures on his 8,865 acre rancho, including the adobe at 376 Soscol Avenue in 1845. As the oldest building in the City ofNapa and the only monument to Napa's Mexican era, the Cayetano Juarez Adobe is an irreplaceable reminder of the area's Mexican cultural heritage. It is significant under Criterion A at the local level of significance due to its association with Mexican colonization in California and land grant distribution by Mexican leaders, and Criterion B at the local level of significance due to its association with early Napa settler and Mexican leader, Don Cayetano Juarez. Its period of significance between 1845 and 1920 reflects the time frame in which Cayetano Juarez and his descendants inhabited the residence. Cayentano Juarez, along with his wife and several generations of his family, is buried in nearby Tulocay Cemetery (note the change in spelling of from Tulucay to Tulocay) on land that he donated to the City ofNapa in 1859.

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