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Property Name Original Little League Field
Reference Number 14000996
State Pennsylvania
County Lycoming
Town Williamsport
Street Address 1695 West Fourth Street
Multiple Property Submission Name N/A
Status Listed 12/3/2014
Areas of Significance Entertainment/Recreation
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Original Little League Field is nationally significant under Criterion A in the area of Recreation/Entertainment for association with the creation and early development of Little League baseball. At this location during the summer of 1938, the official dimensions of the Little League playing field were determined. From 1939 through 1941, Carl E. Stotz moved his little league teams from one vacant and available lot to another always in the vicinity of the nominated site. In 1942, Original Little League Field was established and became home to this 9-12 year old baseball for boys organization. Upon this field, the first National Little League Tournament (1947) was held, as well as, the first Little League World Series (1950). Through 1958, Original Little League Field continued to serve as the official playing field for the Little League World Series. Little League owed its survival to its guiding philosophy of inclusion and its ability to embrace change. It owed its success to its ability to merge a popular sport with structured rules that fostered a sense of responsibility and fair play. At one time, Little League was described as one of the "greatest remedies for juvenile delinquency ever discovered." At its core, Little League was about helping young boys to learn how to play the game of baseball. But, in a much broader sense, Little League was also about building relationships. Perhaps Stotz said it best when he proclaimed that Little League "makes dads of fathers." By 1958, the end of the Period of Significance, Little League had grown from one league with three Williamsport teams to nearly 5,000 leagues around the globe, and the Little League World Series had become an important youth sports event receiving international coverage and attention.

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