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Property Name Pine Gardens Historic District
Reference Number 14000890
State GA
County Chatham
Town Savannah
Street Address Roughly bounded by Goebel Ave., Beech & Capitol Sts.
Multiple Property Submission Name N/A
Status Listed 11/5/2014
Areas of Significance Architecture, Community Planning and Development, Politics/Government
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The Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation was established in 1942 on a 96-acre site along the Savannah River east of downtown Savannah. As one of only 18 Liberty ship manufacturers in the United States, Southeastern operated from 1942 to 1945 and, by war's end, produced 88 Liberty ships and 18 C-1-type ships. The shipyard employed 15,000 workers at any given time, including women and African Americans. Pine Gardens was developed by the consortium Pine Gardens, Inc. to provide housing for the civilian shipyard workers. After the war, Pine Gardens Annex was developed adjacent to the original subdivision to provide much-needed housing for returning veterans. Pine Gardens and Pine Gardens Annex cover 105 acres and contain approximately 500 houses. Construction of the small, frame houses began in 1942 and was complete a decade later. Pine Gardens included a shopping plaza, fire department, churches, and, later, a school all completed by 1954. After the war, many residents purchased their houses in Pine Gardens. The Pine Gardens Historic District is significant in the area of architecture because it includes excellent examples of the American Small House, a type of house, which was popular in the 1930s and 1940s in Georgia and catered to the material shortages of World War II. Pine Gardens is significant in the area of community planning and development because constructing housing for workers was an integral part of the production of war materiel and because its gridiron plan and small, frame houses enabled Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation (SSC) to efficiently house 500 (white) workers and their families in close proximity to the shipyard. Pine Gardens is significant in the area of politics/government because it represents large-scale mobilization during World War II, which included the construction of military installations and the communities that housed the civilian defense workers, in accordance with President Roosevelt's Executive Order 8632, Coordinating National Defense Housing, issued in 1941.

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