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Property Name Funke, Joseph B., Company
Reference Number 14000876
State WI
County La Crosse
Town La Crosse
Street Address 101 State St.
Multiple Property Submission Name N/A
Status Listed 10/22/2014
Areas of Significance INDUSTRY
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The Joseph B. Funke Company is locally significant under Criterion A as the largest candy manufacturer in La Crosse. As well, the subject building is the last remaining vestige of the city's once thriving confectionery industry since the manufacturing facilities of the other two notable La Crosse candy producers are no longer extant. A significant industry in La Crosse, the average output of the city's three candy-manufacturing firms was 30,000 pounds per day in 1907 (the equivalent of one pound for each resident of the city) and, at their height in the 1920s, they provided employment for approximately five hundred people. Confectionery production in La Crosse was reflective of the national and statewide growth of the candy industry during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The number of Wisconsin confectionaries and their production increased steadily over this time period and, in 1914, confections were ranked 24th amongst all statewide manufacturing industries in terms of the value of their products. The Joseph B. Funke Company was one of the larger candy manufacturers in the state and their products ultimately included over 160 different kinds of chocolates for fancy packages and over 500 other kinds of candies including bon bons, filbertines, pineapple dips, nougatines, nut caramels and caramel creams. The firm was also an innovator in its field, specifically as it pertained to the development of the manufacture of chocolates. As well, Joseph Funke was an industry leader serving on the executive committee of the National Confectioners' Association in the early 1920s. The period of significance is 1898-1933; the starting date representing the subject building's date of construction, while the ending date is the year the Joseph B. Funke Company ceased operations. Within this period of significance, 1898 and 1908 are significant dates representing the construction of the building and construction of its rear addition, respectively.

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