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The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and archeological resources.


Property Name Pond Farm Pottery Historic District
Reference Number 14000307
State California
County Sonoma
Town Guerneville
Street Address 17000 Armstrong Woods Road. Austin Creek State Recreation Area
Multiple Property Submission Name N/A
Status Listed 6/17/2014
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Pond Farm Pottery is significant under Criteria A and B at the national level of significance in the areas of Art, Education, and Social History for its association with the Studio Pottery Movement and ceramist and teacher Marguerite Wildenhain who lived, worked, and taught at Pond Farm. American ceramists of the 1940s and 1950s were in the early stages of a ceramics revolution that resulted in several developments in ceramics in the United States, including the emergence of the Studio Pottery Movement. During the first half of the twentieth century, European immigrant ceramists such as Marguerite Wildenhain introduced new arts and crafts skills, methods, and philosophies across the country. Her school, Pond Farm Pottery, played an important role in the emergence of ceramics as an important art form. Wildenhain arrived at Pond Farm in 1942 and concluded her active working life in 1980 with the last summer session, publication of her third book, and a retrospective exhibit of her work. She remained at Pond Farm until her death in 1985. The property meets Criteria Consideration G: Properties That Have Achieved Significance Within the Past Fifty Years for its strong association with the Studio Pottery Movement of the mid-twentieth century and the internationally significant contributions of Wildenhain, an exemplary ceramist who was an important female pioneer in ceramics and ceramics education.

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