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The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and archeological resources.


Property Name Adams-Myers-Bryan Farmstead
Reference Number 13000629
State New York
County Rensselaer
Town Valley Falls
Street Address 314 Stover Rd
Multiple Property Submission Name Historic Farmsteads of Pittstown MPDF
Status Listed 8/23/2013
Link to full file
The AdamsMyersBryan Farmstead, located in the Town of Pittstown, Rensselaer County, New York, satisfies National Register of Historic Places Criterion C as an intact and representative example of an historic farmstead in the Town of Pittstown, Rensselaer County, New York. It additionally satisfies Criterion A, in the area of agriculture, for its association with regional farming practices during the cited period of significance. This property is being nominated in association with the Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) entitled Historic Farmsteads of Pittstown, New York. The Adams-Myers-Bryan Farmstead retains an intact assemblage of historic agricultural outbuildings and two historic-era houses embodying characteristic construction features of the region during the cited period of significance. These exhibit distinctive and qualifying attributes as outlined in the associated MPDF context. The large main house on the east side of Stover Road, built in the midnineteenth century, is associated with an Lplan main barn group composed of a bank barn and wing; a carriage barn with a later ice house attached; a tool barn used more recently as a pig house; in addition to a horse barn and a corn house. Smaller buildings include a privy, a milk house, and a pump house. The tenant house across the highway is associated with a late nineteenthcentury horse barn. These resources survive in an intact rural setting which provides an appropriate context for this substantially intact Rensselaer County farm, which also retains the context of its surrounding landscape.


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Properties are listed in the National Register of Historic Places under four criteria: A, B, C, and D. For information on what these criterion are and how they are applied, please see our Bulletin on How to Apply the National Register Criteria