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Property Name Marconi Wireless Telegraphy Station
Reference Number 13000352
State Hawaii
County Honolulu
Town Kahuku
Street Address 56-1095 Kamehameha Highway
Multiple Property Submission Name N/A
Status Listed 6/4/2013
Areas of Significance Communications
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The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station at Kahuku is significant at the state level under criterion A for its associations with the development of wireless communications in Hawaii and the role it played in providing the islands with worldwide wireless telegraphic, and later telephonic, communication. Until 1840 any immediate communication between human beings was limited to the range of the eye or the ear. In nations such as France, Russia, and Great Britain, fire signal towers stretched the length of the country to serve as early warning systems. During the nineteenth century scientists and inventors came to better understand electricity's ability to transmit sound, and with this understanding came such inventions as the telegraph by Samuel Morse in 1840, the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875, and the phonograph by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877. In addition to these new wonders came such scientific advances as James Clerk Maxwell's 1865 theory, which postulated electromagnetic waves existed and moved at a uniform speed, but varied in length and frequency, and Heinrich Hertz's 1888 proof of this theory by demonstrating that electricity could bridge a gap from one coil to produce a current in another. These all laid the groundwork for humanity's delving into the possibility of wireless communication.


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