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Campus Center
Photo courtesy of the Alaska Office of History and Archaeology

Campus Center, commonly known as the Student Center, of Alaska Pacific University (formerly Alaska Methodist University) in Anchorage is exceptionally important for historic events during the recent past in the area of politics and government. Designed by Edward Durell Stone and constructed in 1966, the student union building was the site of the Alaska Federation of Natives conference in 1971. At the time of its listing in 1978, the event for which the building attained exceptional importance was less than a decade old. The approximately one billion dollars and 40 million acres conveyed to Alaskan Natives by the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 were the largest compensations ever paid to Native settlement claims. The student union building dining room housed the three-day meeting of more than 600 Alaskan Native delegates following the bill's passage by the United States Senate. The delegates ratified the agreement stipulated in the Act during this meeting, and President Nixon signed the Act on December 18, 1971.

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