Did You Know? Barela-Reynolds House (J. Paul Taylor House)
The charming Barela-Reynolds home and store is a prime example of "Territorial Style" architecture. The structure, built in the 1850s, was witness to many historical events in the famous "La Mesilla" Plaza.

It's Listed! Bullion Plaza School
Historic Halls: An established practice in Miami, Arizona, young Hispanic students who did not "look white" had to attend Bullion Plaza, segregated from white students. The school is a symbol of the large Mexican-American community in AZ.

Find Out About: Saint Joseph Church and Shrine
St. Joseph’s stone church and its surrounding grounds are very unique. The complex includes: winged devils, outdoor Stations of the Cross, Trabajo Rustico architecture, and a history dating back to the 1850s.

Did You Know? San Elizario Historic District
From 1790 until 1880, San Elizario was a thriving town. This historic district of wood and adobe buildings, including homes, businesses, and a rail station, represents the vibrant culture and history of Texas borderland society.

It's Listed! Supreme Court Building of Puerto Rico
Learn about over 400 years Puerto Rico’s judicial history and explore the modern Supreme Court Building in Old San Juan. This building features a unique circular design, a reflecting pool, and stairways suspended over water.

Find Out About: Edificios En San Juan
These 4 historic properties were the heart and soul of 1930s-1940s San Juan, Puerto Rico. Places such as Edificio Aboy, Edificio Victory Garden, and more, are staple structures of community life in this vibrant city.

Did You Know? Rancho De Los Kiotes (Leo Carrillo Ranch)
Leo Carrillo was a lively and vivacious figure of American history. Through acting, preservation, philanthropy, and government work, he showed his love for California history and Hispanic heritage.

It's Listed! Guadalupe Center
The Westside neighborhood of Kansas City has a rich history of Mexican heritage and faith. The Guadalupe Center, a staple of community life since the 1930s, continues to reach out to those in need.

Find Out About: Trujillo Homestead
This Colorado log house, corral, and stables represent Hispanic pioneers during late 1800s and early 1900s. The Trujillo dwelling is unique to the period that highlights a prominent way of life in the West.

Did You Know? Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
The 17th century fort of Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest and most permanent maritime fortification in the U.S. For centuries, star-shaped Castillo protected St. Augustine from outside attacks.

It's Listed! Santa Barbara Presidio Historic District
The Santa Barbara Presidio, a 7000 sq. mile district colonized by Spain, included missions, offices, residences, and plazas. See the preserved structures of Santa Barbara’s Spanish history.

Find Out About: St. Augustine Town Plan Historic District
The distinct town of St. Augustine, established in 1565 by Spanish explorers, has some of our country’s oldest buildings. The historic district includes homes, a cathedral, and a plaza that are centuries old.