Did You Know? Joachim de Brum House
The Joachim de Brum House is the only plantation home in the Marshall Islands. Wealthy foreigners and their servants used Brum House over the years. It reflects the architecture and style of the native culture.

It's Listed! Bai Ra Irrai
The elders of Palau island met at the ancient Bai Ra Irrai to make decisions on all aspects of the society. Politics, religion, economy, traditions, and caste were all dependent on what happened at the Bai.

Find Out About: Peleliu Battlefield
74 Days of Battle: Palau island is the "Gateway to the Philippines." In the summer of 1944, the United States fought Japan around this island. Learn more about this long forgotten, but important, WWII battlefield.

It's Listed! Chinese Sites in Warren Mining District
A small mining region in Idaho tells the story of Chinese immigrants and the Gold Rush. Properties like lush gardens, mining campgrounds, and more.

Did You Know? Polly Bemis House
See the log cabin home of Chinese immigrant Polly Bemis, who came to the West Coast in 1853. The story of her servitude, many professions, and how she gained freedom is engaging!

Find Out About: Castroville Japanese Language School
The Japanese community of Castroville, CA, used their school for more than education - it served as a church and community center too. It was abandoned when Japanese-Americans were forced to go to internment camps.

It's Listed! Angel Island
Thousands of Asian immigrants came through Angel Island - the Ellis Island of the West Coast. Many immigrants temporarily lived here, and you can read the poetry that remains on barrack walls!

Did You Know? Locke and Walnut Grove Historic Districts
See the small towns of Locke and Walnut Grove. Rural towns were the social centers of Japanese and Chinese immigrant communities, who lived and worked in the farmlands of the California Delta.

Find Out About: Seattle's International District (Chinatown)
Discover the infusion of Asian and American cultures in Seattle's International District. These historic buildings represent ways by which Chinese and Japanese immigrants changed American culture.

It's Listed! Newport Historic District
A prosperous seaport during the Colonial and Revolutionary eras, Newport, RI preserved many buildings that are filled with history, traditions, and culture. See places like Trinity Church and Colony House - all part of this great district.

Did You Know? The Brick Market
Famous architect Peter Harrison designed the Brick Market in downtown Newport, RI. Since 1761, this building has had a permanent presence in the community, serving as a printing press, a theatre, and more!

Find Out About: Moscow Downtown Historic District
Nestled at the base of mountains, Moscow, ID, is block after block of historic brick buildings dating back to the 1850s. Read stories of the businesses and people that made Moscow a bustling center of trade!

It's Listed! Mill House
Luis Moses Gomez and his home, Mill House, were at the crossroads of the fur trade with Algonquin Indians. Learn more about colonial-era Jewish history and this house, including the secret passages used by Revolutionaries!

Did You Know? Beth Sholom Synagogue
American architecture genius, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed this PA synagogue, along with a talented local rabbi, to resemble the beauty praying hands. See images of this historic place of worship.

Find Out About: Albert Einstein House
When Time's "Person of the Century" escaped Nazi Germany, he moved to this home in Princeton, NJ. Einstein lectured, taught, and researched for the Institute of Advanced Studies, but found peace in his home and study.

Did You Know? Historic Synagogues of Connecticut
Known as the "Venice of the Pacific", this ancient city of islands was home to a legendary civilization. Uncover over 1500 years of history here!

It's Listed! Coming Street Cemetery
Established in 1762, the Coming Street Cemetery of Charleston, SC, is the oldest Jewish burial ground in the south. Learn more about Jewish history in the south and examine the artistic markers that reside here.

Find Out About: National Maritime Day
May 22nd is National Maritime Day commemorating the first American steamship to complete a transoceanic voyage. Check out the Urca de Lima, which sunk in 1712, and over 300 over wrecks off the coast of Florida

Did You Know? Glacier National Park Tourist Trails Historic District
Many hotel/chalet/trail networks dot the landscape of Glacier National Park in Montana. These historic trail loops, similar to the European model, provided visitors with grand views, thrilling journeys, and warm resting places.

It's Listed! Rabideau Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp
The Rabibdeau CCC Camp - in Chippewa National Forest - preserves the legacy of FDR's New Deal. Learn more about these CCC workers and how they changed the American landscape.