Find Out About: Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, House and Farm Yard
Discover the rural Florida home and eccentric community that inspired Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings best-selling novels, like The Yearling, and well-known sketches.

Did You Know? Aldrich, Nathan C., House and Resthaven Chapel
Learn more about this unique stone mansion that went from a wealthy Quaker family's home to a "Resthaven" center for fatigued female factory workers.

Find Out About :Catt, Carrie Chapman, House
Carrie Chapman Catt traveled the country to protest, rally, and recruit for women's suffrage. It's easy to see why she loved to return to the peaceful setting of Juniper Ledge, the estate where she lived when founding the League of Women Voters.

Did You Know? Patsy Cline House
Explore the home of legendary singer Patsy Cline – the first woman inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. In Winchester, VA, she began her illustrious music career and worked her way to the top of the charts!

Find Out About: Matinicus Rock and Whitehead Light Stations
Guiding Light: Read the unique story of Abbie Burgess Grant, a 17-yr-old girl who found her life’s calling as a lighthouse Keeper in 19th century.

Did You Know? Rosedown Plantation
Louisiana’s Pleasure Gardens: View breath-taking photographs of Rosedown Plantation, its "Pleasure Gardens," and vast grounds –tended by the wealthy Turnball family their 100+ slaves.

Find Out About: Eudora Welty House
What a Book Worm! She won the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, and more. See the home that inspired Eudora Welty’s prolific career as one of the most accomplished American authors of the 20th century.

Did You Know? Ellamae Ellis League House
One of the first female architects, Ellamae Ellis League designed this Macon, Georgia, home for her own family. Find out more about this architectural pioneer and see images of the home!

Find Out About: Woman’s Athletic Club of San Francisco
Take that, Boys! The Woman’s Athletic Club of San Francisco opened in 1915 to promote health and fitness for women of all ages. You won’t believe what famous figure said the Club was a "menace" to society.

Did You Know? Ensor Farm
Marshall and Loretta Ensor - a brother and sister duo - turned their family farm into a radio broadcast center. They built advanced equipment, spent over 50 years broadcasting, and taught others how to do it, too!

Find Out About: Frank B. Cooper Elementary School
Breaking Boundaries: Why is this Seattle, Washington, elementary school so important to our nation's 20th century history? Read about teacher Thelma Dewitty and others who demonstrate this school's significance to the desegregation movement.

Did You Know? Hotel Metropolitan
The century-old Hotel Metropolitan served patrons as they traveled in Kentucky. One of the only establishments in the area for and by African-Americans, there is much to learn about the people who worked and stayed here.

Find Out About: Turkey Point Lighthouse
This Chesapeake Bay lighthouse – built in the early 1800s – has the longest history of female lighthouse Keepers. Read about the women who worked and lived at Turkey Point Lighthouse for over a century.

Did You Know? Angelus Temple
Sister Aimee Semple McPherson traveled all over the U.S. preaching and reaching out to those in need. See photos of the charismatic preacher and the domed temple nestled in Hollywood.

Find Out About: Marietta Canty House
Marietta Canty broke many barriers. This determined woman became a nurse, acclaimed Hollywood and Broadway actress, rights activist, and so much more. She lived her whole life in the same quaint house – see it here!

Did You Know? David T. and Nan Wood Honeyman House
Nan Wood Honeyman was controversial. Through progressive political activism, lectures on taboo subjects, or her prominent role in the suffragist movement – Nan never failed to capture attention. She was also the first woman to represent Oregon in Congress.

Find Out About: Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village
Tressa "Grandma" Prisbrey built a small-scale city using bits of metal, plastic, and other everyday goods. It took 12 years to construct, and since 1963, Bottle Village is a popular California tourist attraction. See the cool buildings and mosaics here!

Did You Know? Azurest South
Amaza Lee Meredith, an African-American architect and educator, built Azurest South in Petersburg, VA. This home is only one of her many great architectural achievements of modern and International Style design – check more out here!

Find Out About: Piney Point Coast Guard Light Station
Keepers of the Light: Through changes in technology, numerous Keepers, and through war, Piney Point Light Station in the Chesapeake Bay has operated continuously since 1836.

Did You Know? Rachel Carson Home
Go Green! Rachel Carson was a celebrated writer, naturalist, poet, teacher, civil servant, and environmental activist. Find out more on one of Life Magazine’s "100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century."