Celebrating Asian-Pacific Heritage MonthMay 2000

Chinese Sites in Warren Mining District - Archeological dig at Mining Site Excavations of Chinese Mining Camp, Warren, Idaho
Courtesy of Asian American Comparative Collection, Laboratory of Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow
The National Register of Historic Places recognizes the historical contribution of Asian and Pacific peoples in the United States. From the early 1800s to the late 20th century, Asian and Pacific peoples have played a vital role in the development of the United States, struggling for full citizenship, fighting prejudice, and making lasting contributions in all elements of American society. Asian immigrants played a vital role in building the industrial infrastructure that fueled America's 19th-century Industrial Revolution. The connection of the first Transcontinental Railroad, largely achieved through the labor of Asian immigrants, took place May 10, 1869. Many of these laborers attended the Golden Spike ceremony held when the final spike was driven in, and the National Park Service's Golden Spike National Historic Site interprets the social, labor, and ethnic history that this surround this event. The month of May is National Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, and as part of the recognition, this site showcases historic properties listed in the National Register and National Park units highlighting the rich heritage of Asian and Pacific peoples in America. Join the National Register in commemorating just a few of the places where Asian and Pacific people have made history.

Polly Bemis Polly Bemis with her horses, Nellie and Julie, Feb. 6, 1910
Courtesy of the Idaho State Historical Society, Neg. No. 62-44.7, Photograph by Charles Shepp

Chinese Sites in the Warren Mining District MPS
Ruins and archeological sites in Warren, Idaho, reflect the impact of Chinese immigration to the area.

Polly Bemis House
Learn more about a female Chinese immigrant to Warren, Idaho, who arrived as an indentured servant.

Castroville Japanese Language School
On the coast of California, this small building served as a social, religious, and educational center for the local Japanese community.

Locke, CA Locke, California
Photograph by Shannon Bell
Teaching with Historic Places

This program offers a series of award-winning lesson plans that use places listed in the National Register to enliven the study of history, social studies, and geography. TwHP has two ready-to-use lesson plans, available for free downloading, that examine important aspects of Asian-Pacific history.

Locke and Walnut Grove: Havens for Early Asian Immigrants in California
Understand the experience of early Asian immigrants and the obstacles they encountered as they struggled to make a living and find a place in American society.

Remembering Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona Memorial
Trace the course of the Japanese surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, and consider the significance of the sunken USS Arizona as a war memorial.

Travel Itineraries

Visit Seattle's International District (Chinatown), which combines Asian and Western architectural traditions into a uniquely American neighborhood.

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Pu'ukohola Heiau NHS Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site

Asian American Heritage
Jun Fujita Cabin at Voyageurs National Park
Golden Spike National Historic Site
Manzanar National Historic Site

Pacific Islander Heritage
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Kalaupapa National Historical Park
Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park
Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park
Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site
War in the Pacific National Historical Park

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