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The following activities will help students incorporate the events and architecture of the community of Bethlehem into local, national, and world events.

Activity 1: Developing a Time Line
Have students draw a time line on a long roll of kraft paper that begins with the year 1400 and ends with the year 1800. Direct them to mark the top of the time line with major world events such as the Reformation, wars, etc., and the bottom of the time line with important events in the history of the Moravian Church. If possible, ask students to illustrate some of the events by bringing in photocopies of pictures from textbooks, research books, etc. Complete the activity by discussing how and why certain events impacted or did not appear to impact the Moravian Church.

Activity 2: Mapping a Neighborhood
Ask students to compare photos of the buildings in Bethlehem with the oldest buildings they can find in their community. What similarities or differences do they find in size, purpose, and building materials? What may account for the differences? Next, have students locate a copy of the oldest map or drawing possible of their community and compare it with Drawing 2 of Bethlehem in 1766. Have the class as a whole make a list of the types of buildings found in cities or neighborhoods such as residential, industrial, commercial, etc., and assign a color to each building type. Then ask them to identify the building types on Drawing 2 and the map of their community and color the buildings according to type. Finally, conduct a general discussion in which the class compares the two communities. They should address issues such as the reason the community was founded; whether the community was planned or grew haphazardly; and what buildings, services, and businesses appeared first.



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