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Carnegie Libraries:
The Future Made Bright--
Supplementary Resources

By looking at Carnegie Libraries: The Future Made Bright, students can examine the history of public libraries in the United States, the life of Andrew Carnegie, and the libraries that he supported through his philanthropy between the 1886 and 1919. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Library of Congress
Visit the American Memory Collection Web page to search for historical, architectural, and photographic documents on Carnegie libraries as well as Andrew Carnegie. Also search for information on industrialization and labor unions in America.

Steel Industry Heritage Corporation
To better understand southwestern Pennsylvania's role in the modern industrial epic, visit the Steel Industry Heritage Corporation Web site. Included on the site is a compilation of different sources that examine what propelled our nation to world leadership as an industrial giant. Also discussed is the turmoil surrounding the rise of industrialization including a description of the Homestead Strike of 1892.

National Register of Historic Places--Kingston Travel Itinerary
Visit the Kingston Travel Itinerary to learn about Kingston City Library in New York, another one of Carnegie's 20th-century philanthropic efforts.

Andrew Carnegie and The American Experience
PBS and American Experience produced numerous documentary films on the life of Andrew Carnegie: "America 1900," "The Richest Man in the World," and "Philanthropy 101," among others. Also included are documentaries touring the Carnegie Mansion and the mansion of his partner, Henry Clay Frick. The PBS Web site provides a synopsis of the films, further readings, as well numerous resources for teachers. To find all the films on Andrew Carnegie, search on Carnegie. For a listing of all programs, click on programs A-Z.

About Andrew Carnegie
Carnegie Library of Pennsylvania
The Carnegie Library of Pennsylvania Web page features photos of Andrew Carnegie and his family, a bibliography of books by and about Carnegie, a history of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and excerpts from his essay, "How to Succeed in Life."

The Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum
The Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum Web page tells the story of Carnegie's humble birth in Scotland and of his immigration to the United States as a child in the 1840s. The Web site also features art and artifacts related to Carnegie's life, both in Scotland and in the U.S.

Carnegie Libraries by State
Carnegie Libraries of California
The Carnegie Libraries of California Web page includes readings on the architectural styles of the libraries, maps, photos, and a listing of the many libraries in California that you can visit. California has 142 libraries, the second largest number of Carnegie Libraries in the U.S.

Indiana Carnegie Libraries
The Carnegie Libraries of Indiana Web site lists the libraries still in use, provides the location of Carnegie libraries, and the history of the buildings and descriptions. Indiana has 164 libraries, the most Carnegie libraries of any state.

The Carnegie Libraries of Pennsylvania
For links to a number of Carnegie Library websites in Pennsylvania--including Andrew Carnegie Free Library, Carnegie Library of McKeesport, Carnegie Free Library of Swissvale, and more--visit this website.


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