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National Register of Historic Places Program:
Lists of Weekly Actions 2011

The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and archeological resources.



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Weekly List for December 30, 2011

Fresno County Hall of Records, Fresno County, California

The Fresno County Hall of Records, in Fresno, California, stands as a masterly example of PWA (Public Works Administration) Deco Moderne architecture. Read more . . .

Weekly List for December 23, 2011

Argos Izaak Walton League Historic District, Marshall County, Indiana

This glacier stone Craftsman style building was completed in 1937 as a New Deal work. The building, various stone structures, and 17 acres of land and fish ponds make up this naturally beautiful historic district. It served as clubhouse for a natural conservation league. Read more . . .

Weekly List for December 16, 2011

Sunnydale,  Polk County, North Carolina
Constructed around 1930 for Harold Shelnutt, Sunnydale is a Rustic revival-style restaurant and entertainment building located in the small town of Tryon in southern Polk County, North Carolina. Shelnutt operated Sunnydale as a restaurant and entertainment venue, hosting dinners, dances and theatrical performances. Read more . . .

Weekly List for December 9, 2011

Bear Tavern Road—Jacobs Creek Crossing Rural Historic District
Mercer County, New Jersey
Look back into the 18th and early 19th centuries while traveling this important regional route near Trenton, New Jersey. This district was travelled by George Washington and his troops during the War for Independence, but also tells nearly 300 years of farming, transportation, and architectural history in this rural community. Read more . . .

Weekly List for December 2, 2011

Peacock Brewery
Winnebago County, Illinois
Jonathan Peacock, a British immigrant, relocated to Rockford in 1849 and began brewing beer in his home. Read more . . .

Weekly List for November 25, 2011

Glenn Dale Tuberculosis Hospital and Sanatorium, Prince George’s County, Maryland
The Glenn Dale Tuberculosis Hospital and Sanatorium is located 15 miles outside of the District of Columbia. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, this facility provided free medical care to those suffering from tuberculosis.  The fresh air and the contemporary medical treatments lessened the serious health threat of tuberculosis in the nearby city. The campus includes seventeen historic buildings that demonstrate Glenn Dale's historical significance in medical and architectural history. Read more . . .

Weekly List for November 18, 2011

Portland Public Service Building, Multnomah County, Oregon
Constructed in 1982, the 15-story Portland Public Service Building in downtown Portland, Oregon, is one of the most notable works by internationally-known master architect Michael Graves.  Read more . . .

Weekly List for November 10, 2011

Dr. Franklin E. Kameny Residence, Washington, DC
Dr. Kameny led a newly militant activism in the fledgling gay civil rights of the 1960s. He was a landmark figure in articulating and achieving gay civil rights in federal employment and security clearance cases, and in reversing the medical community’s view on homosexuality as a mental disorder. Read more . . .

Weekly List for November 4, 2011

Gulfport Square Commercial Historic District
Gulfport Square Commercial Historic District contains 81 buildings in various high architectural styles, such as Beaux Arts and Tudor Revival, in many building types. Though originally a slightly different historic district under another name, the commercial core of this bustling port town needed to be relisted after Hurricane Katrina damaged or destroyed many of the properties contributing to the historic district. Read More. . .

Weekly List for October 28, 2011

Parrot Junglie Historic District, Miami-Dade County, Florida
Minutes from downtown Miami, the former tropical bird oasis and tourist attraction Parrot Jungle is now a local park.  The property retains beautiful landscape architecture, scenic trails, and buildings from its tourism days.  Read More…

Weekly List for October 21, 2011

B’nai Israel Synagogue and Montefiore Cemetery, Grand Forks, North Dakota
A 1937 Art Deco synagogue stands as testament to Grand Forks' diversity and its strong immigrant community of faith. Read More …

Weekly List for October 14, 2011

Chapel of the Holy Cross, Coconino County, Arizona
Built in 1955-56 in a Modernistic Style, the chapel stands as a highly significant and outstanding example of mid-20th century modern architecture that harmoniously blends a modern building of concrete, steel, and glass into the natural rock bound desert environment for which Sedona is known.  Read More . . .

Weekly List for October 7, 2011

Residencia Luis Muñoz Marín, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Luis Muñoz Marín was the first popularly elected Governor of Puerto Rico.  This estate was his home for 40 years during his notable career of journalism, activism, and leadership, as well as being the mastermind of life-changing economic, political, and social projects while being governor.  Read More …

Weekly List for September 30, 2011

Barrio Santa Rosa, Pima County, Arizona
The earlier buildings in Barrio Santa Rosa generally followed the traditional Hispanic urban model, in the form of Sonoran row houses. The Sonoran style consisted of homes built of earth and timber with walls built of adobe brick and mud mortar
Read More . . .

Weekly List for September 23, 2011

Threemile Gulch, Park County, Colorado
The Threemile Gulch Prehistoric Archaeological District in Colorado is historically important due to the minimally disturbed and distinctive record of prehistoric human settlement found here. Read More . . .

Weekly List for September 16, 2011


Weekly List for September 9, 2011

Liggett Building, King County, Washington
The Liggett Building in downtown Seattle, Washington is a "cathedral of commerce." Built in the 1920s by a local architectural firm, it represents the national trends present during Seattle's building boom. Read More…

Weekly List for September 2, 2011

Downtown Boca Grande Historic District, Lee County, Florida
With no gas stations on Gasparilla Island, a barrier island in southwest Florida, residents in the Downtown Grande Historic District walk or use electronic golf carts for local travel and shopping errands, with only two streets designated for cars. Read More . . .

Weekly List for August 26, 2011

Weekly List for August 19, 2011

Peep O Day Park, Larimer County, Colorado
Renaissance Revival Estate of intrepid entrepreneur Alfred Wild tells the history of Wild’s wide variety of business endeavors, including the growing and introduction of hops to the Colorado brewing industry.  Read More…

Weekly List for August 12, 2011

Halstead and Emily Lindsley House, Lee County, Florida
Mediterranean Revival Style home in Boca Grande retains high historic integrity. It is listed for its outstanding architectural design by F. Burnall Hoffman, Jr., workmanship, and elaborate details. Read More…

Weekly List for August 5, 2011

Valley of the Moon, Pima County, Arizona
This whimsical garden in Tucson evokes mysticism and Hollywood fairy-tale structures.   It is nominated for local history and its unique landscape architecture.  Read More…

Weekly List for July 29, 2011

Wild Goose, Orange County, California
The Wild Goose was purchased by American film star John Wayne (1907-1979) in 1962 for $116,000. The ship had initially been constructed in 1943 as YMS-328 by the Ballard Maritime Railroad Company under contract with the U.S. Navy. Read More. . .

Weekly List for July 22, 2011

Weekly List for July 15, 2011

Weekly List for July 08, 2011

U.S. Naval Reserve Training Building, Davidson County, Tennessee
U.S. Naval Reserve Training Building (RTB) is a rare surviving example of “programmatic” or “mimetic” architecture in Davidson County.  It’s shaped like a ship.  Read More . . .

Weekly List for July 01, 2011

Hampton County Jail, Hampton County, South Carolina
The Hampton Jail, located at 702 First Street West in the town of Hampton, South Carolina, was completed c. 1880, following the completion of a nearby courthouse for the newly established Hampton County. Today it houses the Hampton County Historical Society. Read More . . .

Weekly List for June 24, 2011

Krippendorf Estate, Clermont County, Ohio
A 175-acre estate with a grand main house – the Lodge – numerous outbuildings and a designed landscape reflect the Arts and Crafts movement at the turn-of-the-twentieth-century.  The Krippendorf Estate now serves the public as the Cincinnati Nature Center (CNC).  Read More…

Weekly List for June 17, 2011

Town of Halifax Historic District, Halifax County, North Carolina
The historic town of Halifax has it all – diverse architectural styles, different building types, and 200 years of history.  Halifax, at the mouth of the Roanoke River, is the county seat.  Originating in 1757, Halifax’s early history typified wealthy plantation culture and the importance associated with a county seat.   Read More…

Weekly List for June 10, 2011

Schoolhouse No. 5, Delaware County, New York
Schoolhouse No. 5 is a valuable record of a century of educational history in the town of Hamden, New York. The distinctive one-room schoolhouse served the children of Hamden from 1858 to 1954.  Historical integrity of this once rural community’s the schoolhouse and grounds remains intact.
Read More . . .

Weekly List for June 3, 2011

United States Custom House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The United States Custom House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, built between 1932 and 1934 to the Art Deco designs of the architectural firm Ritter & Shay, occupies an entire block between Second, Chestnut, and Samson Streets and the former Exchange Place in the heart of the oldest section of the city. Read More . . .

Weekly List for May 27, 2011

Montgomery Greyhound Bus Station, Montgomery County, Alabama
The Montgomery Greyhound Bus Station, located at 210 S. Court Street in Montgomery, Alabama, was made famous world-wide on May 20, 1961, when the Freedom Riders, a group of civil rights activists and students who wanted to test the validity and enforcement of segregation on the nation’s new interstate system in the south, were attacked by a white mob awaiting their arrival at the station. Read More  . . .

Weekly List for May 20, 2011

Allen, John B., School, King County, Washington
The two buildings that make up the school show the shift from the simple, easily constructed wood-frame structure to a new technique of masonry and concrete “fire-proof construction” adopted only 13 years later as a safer construction type. Read More . . .

Weekly List for May 13, 2011

Prentis Building and Helen L. DeRoy Auditorium, Wayne County, Michigan
Constructed in the early 1960s, these two Wayne State University buildings represent a crucial moment in the acclaimed career of architect Minoru Yamasaki.  Read More . . .

Weekly List for May 6, 2011

Federal Office Building, Travis County, Texas
The presidential suite on the ninth floor of the Federal Office Building served as an office for President Johnson during the considerable amount of time he spent in central Texas during his presidency. Read More . . .

Weekly List for April 29, 2011

Quakertown Historic District, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
The Quakertown Historic District is deemed historically important from 1734, when the earliest buildings and seeds of the town clustered around Main Street, through the mid-twentieth century when trolley service ceased and passenger rail service diminished. Read More . . .

Weekly List for April 22, 2011

Historic Residential Subdivisions of Metropolitan Denver 1940-1965, Colorado
The five-county Denver region in Colorado experienced a 146 percent increase in its population between 1940 and the end of 1965, growing from 407,962 to just over a million.
Read More . . .

Weekly List for April 15, 2011

Japanese Jail Historic and Archeological District, Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands
The jail complex (gokusha) illustrates the significant early twentieth century efforts of the Japanese government to establish oversight and administrative control on the island of Saipan.
Read More . .  .

Weekly List for April 8, 2011

Quarters 1 at Fort Monroe, Hampton County, Virginia
Built in 1819, it is probably the oldest housing now in the Army. This elegantly detailed and stately 190 year old Federal style beauty witnessed important Civil War history and hosted famous guests. Read More . . .

Weekly List for April 1, 2011

Nelson, Gus, Homestead, Fergus County, Montana
The Gus Nelson Homestead is one of the best preserved of the eight or nine remaining homesteads along the Missouri River in the Missouri River Breaks in Fergus County. Read more . . .

Weekly List for March25, 2011

Henry Cool Park, Charles Mix County, South Dakota
The majority of Henry Cool Park in Platte, South Dakota is located on a seven acre island in Lake Platte.  The park was used as a summer recreation center by the people of Platte for many years. Read More . . .

Weekly List for March18, 2011

Ringgold Gap Battlefield, Catoosa County, Georgia
Major General Patrick Cleburne, leader of the Confederate Army of Tennessee, successfully halted Union Army advances through Georgia. The outcome of this November 1863 battle prolonged the Civil War and significantly delayed Federal troops from reaching the Confederate stronghold of Atlanta. Read More. . .

Weekly List for March11, 2011

John and Carolena Heimuller Farmstead, Columbia County, Oregon
Historically important locally as an example of an early 20th century agricultural buildings and architecturally as a distinct group of buildings in a rural setting, the farmstead was established by John Heimuller (1871-1949) and his wife Carolena Heimuller (1872-1938), both first-generation German-Americans from Missouri. Read More . . .

Weekly List for March 4, 2011

Castle Ballroom, St. Louis, Missouri
Built in 1908 in the Renaissance style, the Castle Ballroom in St. Louis, Missouri was designed as a dance hall and dancing academy. The dance hall was one of the major venues for social dancing and dance instruction in St. Louis prior to the dawn of the Jazz Age. Read More . . .

Weekly List for February 25, 2011

Women’s Club of Ocoee, Orange County, Florida
The Women’s Club of Ocoee, in Orange County, Florida, completed in 1938, is significant as the meeting place for the oldest formally organized women’s social service organization in the city of Ocoee. Read More . . .

Weekly List for February 18, 2011

Mayhew Cabin, Otoe County, Nebraska
Although the Mayhew family's role in helping slaves escape to freedom was never proven, the cabin and cave were intended to provide the public with an avenue to experience the more legendary aspects of the Underground Railroad firsthand. Read More . . .

Weekly List for February 11, 2011

Greer Post Office, Greensville County, South Carolina
The Greer Post Office constructed in 1935 stands as an excellent example of a New Deal-era Colonial Revival Post Office produced by the Public Works Branch of the United States Department of the Treasury. The building now serves as the Greer Heritage Museum. Read More . . .

Weekly List for February 4, 2011

Charity Hospital of New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Lousiana
Since its establishment as a medical institution in 1736, the New Orleans Charity Hospital continually served for 279 years as the only hospital in the city of New Orleans and the parishes of southwestern Louisiana that was dedicated to the treatment of indigent and low-income patients. This ended in 2005 due to damages suffered from Hurricane Katrina. Read more . . .

Weekly List for January 28, 2011

St. John's Lutheran College--Baden Hall, Cowley County, Kansas
Built in 1883-1894, Baden Hall at St. John’s Lutheran College, in Winfield, Kansas, derives its significance from its role as a locally prominent educational facility. Read more . . .

Weekly List for January 21, 2011

Dougherty Heights Historic District, Buncombe County, North Carolina
The district’s historic homes reflect the growth of the mountain town of Black Mountain from 1910-1930, when the railroad connected the town to transportation routes. The district contains houses designed in a mix of nationally popular architectural styles-Craftsmen, Colonial Revival, and Minimal Traditional. Read more. . .

Weekly List for January 14, 2011

Rialto Building, San Francisco, California
The Rialto Building, located in the Financial District of San Francisco at the intersection of New Montgomery and Mission Streets, was originally constructed in 1902, and reconstructed in 1910 after the 1906 earthquake and Fire in San Francisco. More . . .

Weekly List for January 7, 2011

Matchless Mine, Lake County, Colorado
The Matchless Mine is significant for its contribution to the social history of Leadville and the state of Colorado, for its contributions made to industry, architecture, and engineering . . . more