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The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and archeological resources.


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Weekly List for January 2, 2009  
Weekly List for December 24, 2008 Pinecroft, Hamilton County , Ohio . The 1928, Tudor Revival estate, Pinecroft, was home to American inventor, industrialist, and entrepreneur, Powell Crosley, Jr. (1886-1961). Crosley's manufacturing empire produced automobiles, radios, and refrigerators, and his other ventures included developing WLW radio, the most powerful station in the U.S. Crosley played a major role in support of the U.S. military in World War II and was the owner of the Cincinnati Reds major league baseball team for many years…See full documentation
Weekly List for December 19, 2008 McChord Field Historic District, Pierce County , WashingtonLargely completed between 1939 and 1942, the cohesive McChord Field Historic District is an excellent illustration of the first significant wave of permanent U.S. Air Corps stations developed in the U.S. during the early twentieth century. Reflecting the maturing status of air warfare as part of the American military system, the base served as an important focal point for Pacific Northwest defense and military training leading up to WWII..See full documentation
Weekly List for December 12, 2008

Woolaroc Ranch Historic District, Osage County, Oklahoma. This ranch is intimately associated with oil man Frank Phillips (Phillips Petroleum Co.), who envisioned the ranch as a private retreat, a business amenity, and a public venue to build "something monumental to the Spirit of the West, particularly the West of cattle, the Indians and the wild birds and animals that used to roam this country." See full documentation


Weekly List for December 5, 2008 Ottawa Street Power Station, Ingham County, MI
Completed in 1939 and located in downtown Lansing, this building is significant for its role in providing electricity and steam heat to downtown Lansing from 1939 until the late 1980s, and for its Art Deco architecture. The Station became Lansing's pre-eminent Art Deco Landmark with its broad base, stepped arch windows and metal doors, blocky tower form and graded-hue masonry. The plant received national attention for its building form that innovatively disguised a generation plant as an office building
…See full documentation.
Weekly List for November 28, 2008 Forward Wreck Site, Warren County, New York
The Forward shipwreck, located in Lake George, New York, is a relatively rare and intact example of an early gasoline-powered launch associated with the golden years of Lake George as a summer resort. After putting the state-of-the-art Forward on the lake in 1906, the vessel became a personal excursion boat of W.K. Bixby, a wealthy American industrialist and bibliophile. It is now believed the vessel may have been abandoned in the 1930s. The Forward was located in June of 1989 by the underwater archaeology team today known as Bateaux Below, Inc. From 1989 to 1992 the shipwreck was archaeologically studied and mapped.
See full documentation

Weekly List for November 21, 2008


Old North Cemetery, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Laid out when Concord was the fledgling township of Penny Cook, Old North Cemetery, established in 1730, remained the City's only downtown cemetery for one hundred thirty years. It is in Old North Cemetery that Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States and the only U.S. President born in New Hampshire, is buried. The cemetery remains today a welcoming, historic green space in the midst of the urban fabric of Concord. The city has made significant strides forward in the preservation of Old North Cemetery. See full documentation

Weekly List for November 14, 2008

Hobson Block, Fayette County, Iowa
Designed by locally prominent architect, Edward Easton, Hobson Block (1885) is significant as an excellent example of late Victorian commercial architecture and for its association with Joseph Hobson, a prominent businessman, who had the building constructed soon after a devastating fire destroyed many of West Union's early frame commercial buildings.See full documentation

Weekly List for November 7, 2008

Chiricahua National Monument Historic Designed Landscape, Cochise County, Arizona
Located in the Chiricahua Mountain range in southeastern Arizona the 10,000 acre Historic Designed Landscape is a component of the Monument. Between 1924 and 1934 the park was founded and developed by the US Forest Service and Edward M. Riggs. In 1934 a CCC camp was established in the park. Ed Riggs, a foreman at the CCC Camp, designed and developed most of the modern trails

See full documentation

Weekly List for October 31, 2008 Temperance Row Historic District, Franklin County, Ohio Temperance Row is a predominantly early 20th century residential neighborhood in Westerville, Ohio that is noteworthy for its strong association with the leading organizers and promoters of the Anti-Saloon League of America during the period from 1910-1935. Within this leafy enclave, the Anti-Saloon Leaguers lived their lives, raised their families, and by 1919, won their crusade for national Prohibition. ...See full documentation.
Weekly List for October 24, 2008

D. W. Voorhies House, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
The 1903 Voorhies house is an elaborate example of the Queen Anne Revival style with Eastlake and other types of Victorian-era ornament. Most Louisiana Queen Anne houses are low-key interpretations of the style, exhibiting only one or two characteristics of the style. The Voorhies house, however, exhibits many features of the style. The house is an excellent local example of the Queen Anne Revival style and its spindle work and cross-gable roof subsets
. ...See full documentation.

Weekly List for October 17, 2008

Heister House, Chaffee County, Colorado
The 1943-1954 Moderne style Heister House reflects the austere economic times in which it was built. The long, low profile of the house, the simplicity of the elements, the prominent positioning on a corner lot off the park, and the use of building materials from the 1940s and 1950s composed in a manner not seen in the area prior to this time, have produced a house that is as relevant today as it was in 1954.See full documentation.

Weekly List for October 10, 2008

William L. Slayton House, Washington, DC
The Slayton House was designed by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei in the International Style and is located in the Cleveland Park Historic District of Washington, DC. Completed in 1960, its triple-vault, poured-in-place concrete roof is its most distinguishing feature. The front and rear elevations are all glass, resulting in a house that is largely transparent ...See full documentation.

Weekly List for October 3, 2008

National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, Arecibo, Puerto Rico
The Center (also known as the Arecibo Observatory) is the site of the world's largest and most powerful radar and radio astronomy telescope. The telescope was completed in 1963 at a total cost of about $9 million. The telescope is capable of examining phenomena that occurs as close as two miles above us, on the Earth's atmosphere, and of probing objects ten billion light-years away, at the very edge of the discernible universe...See full documentation.

Weekly List for September 26, 2008

Adams County Courthouse, Adams County, Indiana
Built in 1873, the courthouse is a well-preserved example of a Second Empire-style county courthouse constructed during the courthouse building boom that swept across the state of Indiana in the mid-to-late nineteenth century. The Adams County Courthouse is exemplary of the work of J.C. Johnson, an important architect of public building
...See full documentation.

Weekly List for September 19, 2008

Art Troutner Houses Historic District, Bonneville County, Idaho. This Idaho Falls historic district boasts an extraordinary assemblage of single-family residential structures in a modern, "space-age," architectural style of the 1950s. As examples of modern architecture, the residences embody the mid-century shift away from the traditional box and toward new and experimental elements.....See full documentation.
Weekly List for September 12, 2008 Clark Hall, University of Virginia, Albermarle County, Virginia. Clark Hall served as the academic home of the UVA's School of Law from its completion in 1932 until 1974. Notable for its two-story, sky-lit interior Memorial Hall, the room is one of the Commonwealth's most significant 20th century interiors......See full documentation.
Weekly List for September 5, 2008

Langley Park, Prince George's County, MD.
This Georgian Revival style mansion is a unique example in PG George County of a great country house of the 1920s. The residence was designed by leading Washington, D.C. architect George Oakley Totten Jr., for Frederick and Henrietta McCormick-Goodhart, an affluent Anglo-American couple who named their new property after the family's Elizabethan estate house in England. Since being sold in 1947 by the McCormick-Goodhart family, Langley Park has had several other uses: the center for the Eudist Fathers, a French Canadian Catholic Order, apartment units, and as a school. See full documentation.

Weekly List for August 29, 2008 Mountain Fire Lookout Tower, Oconto County, WI. Constructed in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Mountain Fire Lookout Tower is one of the two remaining towers out of the 19 that once served the Nicolet National Forest. Designed to protect northern Wisconsin's timber resources from the ravages of fire, the lookout tower served as the central link in the fire detection system. The towers were distributed so as to form a network from which the entire landscape could be kept under surveillance. In 1994, the USDA Forest Service rehabilitated the Mountain Fire Lookout Tower for public access and interpretation. ...See full documentation.
Weekly List for August 22, 2008

George Nakashima House Studio and Workshop -- Bucks County, Pennsylvania
George Nakashima was an architect and acclaimed Modern furniture designer and woodworker who won numerous awards for his work. His Bucks County property includes his former residence, studio, production workshops, lumber storage buildings and other resources associated with his family and career from 1946-1990. The property contains many fine examples of International Style buildings with interiors and a landscape setting that complement and reflect Nakashima's furniture craftsmanship. The listed property continues to be operated by his daughter, Mira, in the production of furniture based on his archive of designs and her original work. See full documentation.

Weekly List for August 15, 2008 Cobblestone Farmhouse at 1229 Birdsey Road, Seneca County, New York. This outstanding Greek Revival style farmhouse is architecturally significant as a representative example of the cobblestone method of construction in NY. This property is part of the Cobblestone Architecture of New York MPS - Read the cover document
Weekly List for August 8, 2008

Beverly Drive-In Theatre, Forrest County, Mississippi
This Drive-In Theatre represents a distinct cultural era; the post-war car culture. This example, one of the few extant in Mississippi, is rather striking in its integration of the manager's house into the screen. Although damaged by Hurricane Katrina, the Beverly was an operational drive-in prior to August 2005 and retains all the necessary elements to, once again, operate as a drive-in theatre. See full documentation

Weekly List for August 1, 2008 Dutton-Waller Raised Tybee Cottage, Chatham County, Georgia - This cottage is an excellent example of a raised Tybee cottage, a standard beach house design for middle-class families on Tybee Island from the 1920s through the 1940s. In recent years, skyrocketing land values and intensive development have resulted in the demolition of numerous Tybee cottages. . ... See full documentation.
July 25, 2008 Built near the Canadian border between 1906-1909, Coghlan Castle finds its uniqueness as the only example in North Dakota of a regional variation of a fieldstone construction technique found mostly in southwest Manitoba. Maurice Coghlan had the house built of granite with the assistance of a stone mason from Canada. Recently, a non-profit group has raised money to restore and protect this significant resource. ... See full documentation.
July 18, 2008 The St. Francis City Park was created shortly after the Great Depression and was the result of the City Council arranging for the Civil Works Administration to employ workmen and provide federal funds to help finance the project. It was an oasis in the downtown during the Dust Bowl era and it has been a centerpiece in the community for nearly seventy-five years. ... See full documentation.
July 11, 2008

The St. Francis City Park was created shortly after the Great Depression and was the result of the City Council arranging for the Civil Works Administration to employ workmen and provide federal funds to help finance the project. It was an oasis in the downtown during the Dust Bowl era and it has been a centerpiece in the community for nearly seventy-five years. ... See full documentation.

July 3, 2008

Sea Call Farm, Orleans, Massachusetts:

encompasses 6.53 acres, which are located in an area that contained other small farms and older houses

characteristic of the cultural landscape ... See full documentation.

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