Types of Jobs

The National Park Service is a federal agency with a wide-ranging mission to preserve and promote special places that the American people have placed in its care. These places range from large natural parks to Revolutionary and Civil War battlefield to important historic and cultural sites from the prehistoric age to the modern era.

To help it accomplish its complex mission, the National Park Service employs people in a stunning array of fields.

Are you an educator or storyteller? Look for positions in Interpretation and Education.

Do you like to immerse yourself in the past? Try a job in Cultural Resources.

If you are all about the natural sciences, look for careers in Natural Resources.

Like to crunch numbers? Look for jobs in Finance.

Got a head for Business? We employ people in those fields, too.

Are you a "law & order" type? Then being a Law Enforcement/Protection Ranger or a U.S. Park Police Officer may be right for you.

Do you want to make a career of helping people in danger? Then a Safety oriented job might be for you.

Do you like to keep things in good order? Then keep an eye out for opportunities in Maintenance/Facilities.

Please Note: These career paths are provided as a glimpse into the opportunities available within the NPS nationwide. This is not an exhaustive list. Not all positions the NPS hires people in will be local to your area nor will opportunities in any particular area be available at a given time.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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