Visitor Safety and Law Enforcement

Protection Ranger

As a Park Ranger in this position, protecting the resources will be your main focus. You will patrol backcountry areas, protect park resources and visitors, apprehend violators, enforce park rules and regulations, provide emergency services, manage wildlife/human interactions on the roadways or in campgrounds, and encourage visitors to develop a sense of stewardship for park resources. You will also provide information to visitors about park resources.

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U.S. Park Police Officer


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Emergency Medical Technician


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Lifeguard (surf)

This National Park Service employee performs lifeguard services during assigned tours of duty, including search and rescue, lifesaving, and preventative lifeguarding. S/he supervises visitors at an ocean lifeguarded beach, including compliance with rules and regulations, assisting visitors, and providing emergency medical services. A surf lifeguard inspects and is responsible for the condition and storage of equipment assigned.

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Last updated: February 26, 2015

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