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What is Places?

An internal spatial data system

Public data only!

(no sensitive or restricted data)

Focused on visitor-facing datasets

Points of interest




Parking Lots

A living database, that is constantly improving

Places is designed to eliminate barriers. Specifically, the lack of:

  • Access to specialized software
  • Technical knowledge
  • Time and/or resources

More contributors
better data

Places Landing Page*

Why Places? Centennial redesign**

NPMap tools*

How do I contribute?

Places Editor*

Places Tracing Guide*

How will Places data be used? Centennial redesign

Park Tiles 3 **

Park Tiles 2.1 release

Places Mobile iOS and Android apps*

NPMap Builder**

Places Typeahead*


You decide!

(Structured data = open API, real-time downloads, etc.)



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