National Park Service

NPMap Team

Digital maps for the National Park Service


  • Some background information
  • Our priorities, focus, and mandate
  • Our toolset
  • Project updates

Yellowstone National Park


  • Iconic and universally recognizable
  • Highly-customized
  • Informative and detailed
  • A great orientation tool


  • Static
  • Difficult to keep up-to-date
  • Not very flexible

It does its job well, but doesn't work so well on the web

We want to modernize this experience and build a map for every park

President Obama's Open Government Initiative

Use data that is updated frequently

Support live, dynamic content

Increase the flexibility

We've been working on this for several years now

A few examples:

These projects have defined our requirements

And a toolset has developed out of this work

We've tackled some challenging problems along the way



Graphic Identity





All of this work is built into our toolset

This toolset is available for anyone to use

We hope to lower the threshold for web mapping so anyone can do it

About our toolset:

  • Agile and nimble
  • Defaults to open
  • Platform and technology agnostic
  • Utilizes standards and best practices
  • Meets the high bar set by HFC and


Crowd-sourcing data for the National Park Service

A data aggregation platform


  • Available to anyone who has access to the NPS network
  • Synchronizes data with GIS and
  • Transforms data to OpenStreetMap tags (and back)
  • Will drive new Plan Your Visit experience

It is not intended to:

  • Replace GIS
  • Implement complicated standards or data models
  • Automatically post data to OpenStreetMap

Current status:

  • Seeded with Points of Interest
  • Working on extending it to buildings, trails, and roads
  • Prototyping synchronization with AKR, IMR, and PWR GIS


Park Tiles

Park Tiles is a custom basemap

built specifically for use on the web

by the National Park Service

Park Tiles is fast, flexible,

and updated often

Park Tiles is not a reproduction of HFC maps

(because it serves a different purpose)


Overlay comparison of HFC and Park Tiles maps
Polygon overlay comparison



  • Predecessor to the NPMap JavaScript Library (2.0.0)
  • Built as a Leaflet plugin
  • Used by more than a thousand maps on


Coming soon:

  • Official 2.0.0 release
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Detailed tutorials
  • OpenGL support

NPMap Builder


  • Wraps our standalone tools in a wizard-driven interface
  • Supports eight layer types
  • Color-blind friendly palettes designed specifically for the National Park Service
  • Exports directly to the content delivery network
  • The NPMap team maintains maps deployed with the Builder


Coming soon:

  • Official 1.0.0 release
  • Better symbology tools
  • Better popup/tooltip configuration tools
  • Support for uploading existing datasets
  • Support for creating and maintaining simple datasets
  • Integration with Data Store and a catalog of other available data sources



  • Responsive design for
  • Plan Your Visit enhancements
  • New maps section on each Park website
  • Maps subject site

Places Mobile



  • Real-time data backend
  • Simple edit interface for park staff
  • Mobile apps, visitor center kiosks, entrance station heads-up displays
  • Complete integration with



National Park Service
National Park Service

Coming soon:

  • More themes (campgrounds, wildlife, fire, weather, etc.)
  • Extend prototype to Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Integration with NPMap Builder