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What is OpenStreetMap?

Why should the NPS care?

Two opportunities:

  1. Work with the OpenStreetMap community to improve coverage in parks
  2. Help us build Places of Interest, a system that will help us improve both our internal databases and OSM

1. Working with the OpenStreetMap community

Photo by incanus

We need motivated and energetic NPS employees who are willing (and able) to actively engage with the OSM community


2. Places of Interest


Where will POI be used?

Quick intro to Park Tiles

A possible workflow:

  1. Setup our own instance of iD
  2. Data input via this interface will go into two places: OSM and an internal NPS database
  3. Internal data will be validated by a park
  4. Approved (and tagged) data will be pushed out to OSM

Want to get involved?

  1. Join the NPS-OSM mailing list
  2. Join the OSM mailing lists
  3. Organize a park mapping party for National Day of Civic Hacking (June 1-2, 2013) (and let us know about it!)

Lots to do this Spring and Summer!