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We build web maps for the National Park Service and its partners

State Page Maps
Network Monitor Maps
Yellowstone Live Dashboard
Yellowstone Live Map
Places Mobile
Leaflet CartoDB Mapbox GitHub KML GeoJSON CSV WMS Tiled OpenStreetMap Vector Tiles UTFGrid JavaScript HTML CSS Node.js Grunt MapQuest ExtJS PostgreSQL PostGIS SQL Server Bootstrap TileMill QGIS Maki Heroku EC2 S3 Zoomify jQuery Jasmine

We also build and maintain tools that make it easier for others (and us) to make web maps

Driven by our graphic identity guidelines

Keeping accessibility and usability in mind at all times

Built on web standards

Open source

NPMap Tools

Our tools help create a unified and consistent experience for all web maps made by the National Park Service

Map Built with NPMap Tools
Title NPMap.js

A customized JavaScript library for web maps built by the National Park Service

Built as a Leaflet plugin

Leaflet: a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

How we use NPMap.js in our Maps
Title Bootstrap

A simple and clean framework for frontend development customized for the National Park Service

Forked from Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap: an open-source front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

How we use Bootstrap in our Maps
Title NPMaki

A web-friendly version of the National Park Service's iconic symbol set

Forked from Mapbox Maki

Mapbox Maki: a clean point of interest icon set made for web cartography.

NPMaki Symbols
How we use NPMaki Symbols on Maps
Title Places

An internal data collection system used to power our maps and digital products

Built on existing tools like iD and the OpenStreetMap API

iD: a modern in-browser map editor.

Places Editing Interface 1
Places Editing Interface 2
Places Editing Interface 3
Title Park Tiles

A custom basemap built for use on the web by the National Park Service

Built using Mapbox Studio

Mapbox Studio: an open source map design platform that uses vector tiles.

Park Tiles Multi-Scale
Comparison of Park Tiles and HFC Maps
Park Tiles Imagery
Park Tiles Layered
Park Tiles Overlay Color Palette
Title Builder

An online mapping tool used to build and deploy custom web maps

Brings all of our tools together


NPMap Builder Interface 1
NPMap Builder Interface 2
NPMap Builder Interface 3
NPMap Builder Interface 4
NPMap Builder Interface 5
NPMap Builder Interface 6
NPMap Builder Interface 7
NPMap Builder Interface 8

Thank you!

NPMap Team