Using Park Tiles in ArcGIS Online

Posted on 22 Mar 2013 by Mamata Akella

Esri recently released a new version of ArcGIS Online that introduced some new capabilities, including the ability to add a Tile Layer with a URL template. This means that Park Tiles, which is designed and hosted using tools from MapBox, can now be added to an ArcGIS Online map.

How To

  1. Go to the My Map view in the map viewer
  2. Click on the Add button in the top left hand corner of the My Map interface
  3. Select the option to "Add Layer from Web"
  4. From the drop-down in the Add Layer from Web window, choose the option to reference "A Tile Layer"
  5. Copy and paste the follwoing into the "URL" field:
  6. If you would like to use Park Tiles as your basemap layer, check the option "Use as Basemap"
  7. Give the map a Title and Credits
  8. In the Subdomains field type the following: a,b,c,d
  9. Click the button to "Add Layer"

The Add Tile Layer interface in ArcGIS Online

You should now see Park Tiles loaded into the ArcGIS Online map viewer.

You can hide layers by taking the ID of the layer out of the URL. For example, you can hide Road Shields by taking out of the URL.