NPMap at the myAmerica Developer Summit

Posted on 10 Apr 2015 by Jim McAndrew

I will be presenting and participating (remotely) in the myAmerica Developer Summit happening in Washington, DC this coming weekend. The summit “will focus on developing products, services and other resources that promote and protect America’s public lands and waters”.

We plan on releasing a public-facing version of our Places system on the first day of the summit. This will allow participants to use the Places Editor to improve data coverage for their favorite National Parks.

Data captured by this system will be used to prototype some new data merging and conflation tools we are working on. These tools will help us validate and merge edits coming in from the public into our National Park Service datasets, and this data will eventually make its way back out to OpenStreetMap (though we haven’t tackled this particular problem yet).

I am excited to work with other developers and mappers at the summit! Be sure to check back next week for a follow up post.