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Traveling Trunk

The traveling trunk Lives of Backcountry Children is now available. For more information, download the curriculum by clicking the link.

Additional Lesson Plans that cover the NPS, backcountry living, The Revolution and The Southern Campaign. You may also find the downloadable PDF lesson plans below helpful:

The National Park Service

Backcountry Lifestyles

The War for American Independence

The Southern Campaign

Field Trip Activities
The park's 2012 Teacher-Ranger-Teacher developed a variety of Field Trip Activities (PDF) which meet several core curriculum standards. When arranging your class trip to the park, be sure to check on the availabilty of resources.

Also be sure to check out the Star Fort Pond Activities (PDF) which focus on nature and science.


Lesson Plans and Activities
During the 2011 summer, a group of local teachers prepared a variety of Ninety Six-related lesson plans and activities. This was a result of participation in Lander University's Teaching American History in the Lakelands (TAHL). Teaching American History in the Lakelands is part of a federal Teaching American History Grant Program. This grant program supports programs that raise student achievement by improving teachers' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of American history.

The lesson plans and activities are as follows, in PDF:

Third Grade
Field Trip Activities: Students will explore Ninety Six National Historic Site which commemorates two important Revolutionary War battles. The field trips allows students to view exhibits, watch the orientation video, and walk the interpretive trail. Here there are five versions of field trips to Ninety Six: Field Trip 1, Field Trip 2, Field Trip 3, Field Trip 4, Field Trip 5 - "Ninety Six or Bust"

A Ranger Visits the Class: A Ranger will come to the classroom to speak about the history of Ninety Six and the battles that were fought.

Andrew Pickens: Students will understand the partisan warfare of Andrew Pickens who was a key leader of the American Revolution through the use of maps, historical literature, and videos.

Importance of Ninety Six: Students will explore the siege of Ninety Six utilizing various primary and secondary sources.

Men and Battles to Freedom: Students will use primary and secondary sources to gather information to create a skit, poster, map, presentations, and diorama depicting their findings on three major battles and three key leaders in South Carolina during the American Revolution.

Fourth Grade
Captain Sadler's Camp: Students will actively participate in a presentation that demonstrates the lifestyle of Native Americans and colonists.

Living History Day: Students will step back in time to experience the everyday life of a soldier and colonist during the Revolutionary War era.

Seventh Grade
A Day in the Battlefield Field Trip: Students will visit the site and walk the trail to enhance their learning of the battles fought during the Revolution at Ninety Six.

Eight Grade
The Role of Ninety Six and the Star Fort in the American Revolution: Students will learn about the importance of both the 1775 Battle and the 1781 Field Siege in the American Revolution.

South Carolina Revolutionary Battles: Students will research major Revolutionary War battles that took place in South Carolina and create news report presentations.

Star Fort: This lesson will present information on the Siege of Ninety Six and the importance this siege had on the American Revolution. The lesson will also focus on the relationships between the citizens of the South Carolina Backcountry and the struggle between the loyalist and patriots.

United States History and Constitution
Patriot or Loyalist?: Students will learn about the breakdown of patriots and loyalists in South Carolina and how it relates to the Siege of Ninety Six.

Battles of the American Revolution: Students will create presentations on one of the battles of the American Revolution after analyzing pictures of each battle.

Honored Places: The National Park Service Teacher's Guide to the American Revolution.
NPS Publication

In 2007, the National Park Service published "Honored Places: The National Park Service Teacher's Guide to the American Revolution." It's available for download here. The Guide provides five lesson plans and the site also lists other National Park areas that have curriculum-based materials.

Visit the National Park Service official American Revolution website. Here you can find all sorts of educational resources such as a timeline of events, the Revolutionary War day by day, Revolutionary stories, people, places, and links. Click this link: The American Revolution, Lighting Freedom's Flame.

Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP)
Teaching with Historic Places

"Places Teach!"
Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects. TwHP has created a variety of products and activities that help teachers bring historic places into the classroom. Follow the link to be redirected to the TwHP webpage.

Teaching with Museum Collections
Visit the "For Teachers" tab and the "Virtual Museum Exhibits" for ways to integrate history, artifacts, and curriculum in new and exciting ways.

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