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Create a Brochure

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Grade Level:
Fifth Grade-Seventh Grade
Community, Computer Science, Conservation, Marketing, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism, Recreation Ecology, Writing
National/State Standards:
NDE Standards: L.A. 5 (6,7,8)2.1; 5 (6,7,8)2.2; 5 (6.7.8) 4.1
SDDE Standards: 6.W.1.3; 6.W.1.4; 7.W.1.2; 7.W.1.3; 8.W.1.3


Students will take a field trip to an area of the Niobrara River Valley.  During the trip they will use observation techniques and complete a Sensory Observation Sheet and use those ideas to prepare a brochure for a vacation would be taken in the Niobrara River valley.


·Sensory Observation Sheet*

·Access to a computer/program to create a brochure.

·Assignment guide for a brochure..

·Evaluation guide for brochures.

 Digital camera(s) or video camera(s).


*Reproducible copy included.in lesson plan.

Last updated: April 10, 2015