Northeast Region History Program

The Northeast Region History Program provides guidance and assistance to parks and programs within the National Park system for resource management and interpretation. Through this, we aim to bridge the practices of preservation professionals in documenting and conserving important resources and public encounters with the place, power, and practice of history. We work with partners and communities to think about and reconsider the role of the past in our individual and collective lives. 

Chief historian Christine Arato works with students in Somerville, Massachusetts, to examine primary documents exploring Somerville's diverse history.

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Park history studies

Support background research and oral histories on National Park units within the Northeast Region, rooted in recent scholarship, to provide historical overviews and evaluate cultural resources within historic contexts. We partner with local communities and academic institutions to conduct this research, and support National Parks to share this information with the public.

Contact Christine Arato, Chief Historian, with questions abouthistoric resource studies, park and program administrative histories, oral history, and general questions about the history program.

Inventory and Evaluation

Regional staff coordinate National Register documentation, including nominations and determinations of eligibility (DOEs), for properties managed by National Park units within the Northeast Region.

For information about the National Register and statutory requirements for surveying and inventorying historic properties, consult the National Register website, or contact Bethany Serafine.

Last updated: July 2, 2016