High School Science

What's Happenin' on the Trace: The students will investigate current events associated with the Natchez Trace Parkway. They will write a journalism type report and/or develop a visual presentation. Subject areas may include: community events or issues, plants, animals, invasive species, boundary issues, social issues and environmental issues.
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Scenic Trail Discovery Hike: Students will walk a trail and record information from observations. They will investigate the different living and non-living elements that make up one section of their local environment.
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Population Estimation: Capture, Mark, and Recapture Method: Students will learn how to estimate an animal population and evaluate the results when an unnatural event affects that population.
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Alien Invasion: On a National Scenic Trail, students will investigate how privet, a non-native, invasive plant species out-competes and affects native plant species diversity. (large file)
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Bears on the Trace: Students will examine the system of classification developed by Carlos Linnaeus in the 1750's. Items from the Life Sciences traveling trunk may be useful for this activity. Mississippi

Beavers on the Trace: Students will visit the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail to learn how one species may affect the biodiversity of an area. Items from the Life Sciences traveling trunk may be useful for this activity. Mississippi

Wetlands: On a National Scenic Trail students will observe aquatic plants and animals and investigate the role that wetlands play in our environment. Items in the Swamp Kit traveling trunk may be useful for this lesson. Mississippi

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