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Travel, Trade, and Travail: Slavery on the Old Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace was possibly the most recent legal slave route in North America. From the 1830s through the Civil war, many thousands of bondspeople were transported from the southeast (Maryland to Florida) to the 'new' lands of the old southwest (Mississippi and Alabama). The most efficient route for this was often the Natchez Trace where, at the end of their journey, they would be sold at the "Forks in the Road" slave market.

This text is of moderate to high complexity suitable for high school.

59 pages.

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African American History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Civil Rights Movement, Civil War, Commerce and Industry, Constitutional Law, Historic Preservation, History, Labor History, Slavery, Social Studies, Westward Expansion, Wilderness
National/State Standards:
This is a complex texts which requires skill to read and simultaneous critical thinking. It uses images, primary source material, and charts.
Natchez Trace, Slavery, mount locust historic inn stand natchez trace parkway milepost 15.5, slave quarters, cotton gin, Plantation, human migration
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