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Cronicles of The Cumberland Settlements

This is a superb reference for students and teachers looking for primary source information about the political and cultural development of the area from east Tennessee, northern Alabama, and Mississippi. This collection of personal letters, journal articles, newspaper clippings, maps, legal documents, etc . . . is a comprehensive source of text. Much of the text is of moderate complexity, ideal for middle and high school courses. Lesson plans and discussion questions relating to the text are available or can be developed based on the teacher's needs.

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American Indian History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Colonial History, French and Indian War, Hispanic or Latino American History and Culture, Historic Preservation, History, Military and Wartime History, Pioneer America, Reading, Revolutionary War, Social Studies, U.S. Presidents, Westward Expansion, Wilderness
National/State Standards:
Simple to complex primary source texts
Primary Source, Chickasaw, cherokee, trail of tears, Andrew Jackson, hernando desoto, frontier, war of 1812, Natchez Trace, nashville, Cumberland, letters, Spanish Colonial Era, French colonist
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