National Mall Phase I

National Mall, Phase I - center panels between 3rd and 7th Streets

Schedule:Project in design, Phase I Construction will start mid-Summer, 2011 Completion Phase I anticipated late 2012. (Anticipated completion of the third and final phase is Fall 2016.)

Location:Phase I - east end of National Mall, center (grass only) panels and adjacent gravel walks, between 3rd and 7th Sts, plus the staging area just west of 7th.

Goals of project:

•Provide more sustainable lawn panels through use of sandy soil, irrigation, and curbs delineating the edge of the grass panels.
•Install subsurface drains, curb drains, and cisterns to collect and hold rain water runoff to be used for irrigation.

Impacts/opportunities for visitor to consider:

•This area of the Mall will be closed to the public access, but it will be open to view because chain link fence will be used to secure the construction site.
•There may be more noise and dust than normal due to the earth moving activities.

Record of Determination for Temporary Closure(s)

Map of project phases

Last updated: January 30, 2018

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