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Section 10 of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to make grants to museums, Indian tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations for the purposes of assisting in consultation, documentation, and repatriation of Native American “cultural items,” including human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony.

Two types of grants are available – Consultation/Documentation Grants and Repatriation Grants. Each uses the same application, but there are different time parameters.

Eligibility: Museums with possible NAGPRA collections, Indian tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations as defined in NAGPRA are eligible to apply.

Consultation/Documentation grants: Project-based grants to support the efforts of museums, Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations to consult and document NAGPRA-related human remains and cultural items in non-federal collections. The projects will encompass the costs of all parties to the project.

Award: Competitive grant, awarded once per year

Amount: $5,000 to $90,000

Deadline: March 11, 2016, 11:59 pm (EST)

Consultation. Museums and Federal agencies must consult with known Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations in compiling a NAGPRA inventory and when responding to claims and interests of potential claimants to items in the NAGPRA summary. Consultation should lead to determining control, treatment and disposition of NAGPRA-related human remains and objects. The consultation process is outlined in 43 CFR 10.5, 10.8 (a),10.9 (b) and 10.11.

Documentation. The term documentation refers to data that will lead to determining the geographical origin, cultural affiliation, and basic facts surrounding the acquisition of Native American human remains and cultural items to further the NAGPRA process.

Repatriation grants: Awards to defray costs associated with the packaging, transportation, contamination removal, reburial and/or storage of NAGPRA-related human remains and/or cultural items.

Award: Non-competitive, grants awarded on a continuing basis throughout each fiscal year to the extent funds are available

Amount: Up to $15,000

Deadline: June 1, 2016. Repatriation grant applications should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the scheduled repatriation. Please note that funding may take an additional six weeks to become available after signing the grant agreement.

Repatriation. The term repatriation means the transfer of control, of Native American human remains and/or cultural items pursuant to lineal descendents, Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations. Control does not transfer until 30 days after publication of a NAGPRA notice. The grant will fund costs of transfer of possession. Plan ahead to publish notices well in advance of repatriation ceremonies to allow time for grant awards.

All grant awards are contingent upon available funds.

All NAGPRA grant applicants must submit their complete application packages electronically through the website.  Organizations not yet registered or familiar with must first go to the following website and follow the instructions to register:  It will take several days for your account to be processed before you can submit your application.


NAGPRA Grants Calendar for FY2016

October 15, 2015

Application and guidelines for FY2016 REPATRIATION Grant Application available on

December 15, 2015

Application and guidelines for FY2016 CONSULTATION AND DOCUMENTATION Grant Application available on

 March 11, 2016

Consultation/ Documentation Grant applications due in by 11:59 pm (EST)

 July 2016

Target date for announcement of FY2016 Consultation/ Documentation Grant awards

Oct. 15, 2015 - Jun. 1, 2016

Period in which to request noncompetitive repatriation grants

Available on demand through National NAGPRA Program YouTube Channel

webinar, grants for all interested in NAGPRA grants

October 22, 2015

webinar, managing a grant training for FY2015 grantees

Application Guidelines and Forms

The National NAGPRA Program is accepting grant applications electronically through During open application periods, the NAGPRA Grant may be found on by clicking on "Search Grants" and searching for Funding Opportunity Number "P16AS00001". website [] Application Guidelines

Repatriation Grant Application Materials (available on

FY2016 NAGPRA Repatriation Grant Guidelines
FY2016 NAGPRA Repatriation Grant Proposal Coversheet
FY2016 NAGPRA Repatriation Grant Proposal

Additional Resources:

FY2016 NAGPRA Grant Application SF424 and SF424a Sample
Transfer of control document for repatriation grants (prior to funding)

Consultation/Documentation Grant Materials (available on

FY2016 NAGPRA Consultation Grant Guidelines
FY2016 NAGPRA Consultation Grant Proposal Coversheet
FY2016 NAGPRA Consultation Grant Proposal

Additional Resources:

FY2016 NAGPRA Grant Application SF424 and SF424a Sample


Additional Grant Resources:

Featured grant proposals and final projects including a bibliography of sample deliverables.

Journeys to Repatriation: 15 Years of NAGPRA Grants (1994-2008) analyzes the impact of the NAGPRA grants program. Filled with stories, quotes and statistics, this publication highlights the important role the NAGPRA grants program has played in repatriation efforts around the country. Download a copy or email to request a free copy.

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number for NAGPRA Grants is 15.922.


Information for Grantees

Click here for information and forms to help manage your current grant.


Awards to Date:

The National Park Service has awarded NAGPRA grants since 1994. From 1994 through 2016, a total of 901 NAGPRA grants have been awarded. View the complete list of NAGPRA Grant awards to date.

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