Kenilworth Park Landfill Community Involvement

Community involvement is an important part of the CERCLA process. Once the FS is complete and a Proposed Plan is published, NPS will host one or more public meetings to present the results of the study and to discuss the rationale for the Proposed Plan. This public meeting will provide the opportunity for interested parties to ask questions and provide comments. There also will be a 30-day public comment period for the Proposed Plan. Comments received during this period will be very important to NPS as it selects the preferred course of action.

Information repositories have been established in the two locations identified below. These repositories house copies of the Site administrative record file. CERCLA administrative record files consist of those documents that will form the basis for the selection of the remedy. They include documents such as reports of all Site-related environmental investigations, ecological and human health risk assessments, community relations materials, public comments, and NPS responses to significant comments.

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These repositories will be updated at key milestones in the CERCLA process.

Site-specific documents can be accessed on the Site Documents website.


Last updated: August 25, 2017

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