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Valley of the Moon Historic District
Pima County, Arizona

Valley of the Moon Historic District is a whimsical fairy-tale-inspired landscape designed and constructed by George Phar Legler between 1923 and 1932. The district is a rare expression of post-World War I Spiritualism, its character, form and function illustrating this mystic movement's values and is the sole known example in Arizona. The garden's architectural details are reminiscent and closely related to “Storybook Style” popularized by Hollywood in California during the 1910s – 1920s.

Local level significance under Criterion A: the district derives its significance as a unique expression of the early Twentieth Century Modern Spiritualism movement and is a physical manifestation of fairy-tale motifs and tropes and the philosophical tenets of George Phar Legler, builder and founder of the First Spiritualist Church of Tucson. It is also nominated under Criterion C because of the distinctive characteristics of a type, romantic folly and a unique example of “Storybook” garden architecture.

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