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WILD GOOSE (yacht)
Orange County, California



The Wild Goose was purchased by American film star John Wayne (1907-1979) in 1962 for $116,000. The ship had initially been constructed in 1943 as YMS-328 by the Ballard Maritime Railroad Company under contract with the U.S. Navy. The YMS (“Yard Minesweeper”) class was comprised of wooden-hulled minesweepers primarily designed for harbor and near-coastal mind sweeping activities. Following his purchase of the boat from Seattle lumber tycoon, Max Wyman, John Wayne used the ship to travel to Europe to film scenes from the movie Circus World.  In 1964 Wayne was diagnosed with lung cancer, and after surgery he decided to live near the ocean at Newport Beach California, near the Wild Goose’s berth at Lido Yacht harbor.   He used the ship to relax and entertain—among his guests were Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Wayne began remodeling the boat, and when finished, the ship could accommodate 12 guests and six crew members. Regarded as a Hollywood icon, John Wayne’s career spanned more than five decades and nearly 250 films. The Wild Goose also accrued film credits in its own right, serving as a prop in several non-John Wayne films, including the President’s Analyst (1967) and Skidoo (1968).

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