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Krippendorf Estate
Clermont County, Ohio

The 175-acre Krippendorf Estate was once a private home referred to as the Lodge, with numerous outbuildings and designed landscape. The Lodge and entire Estate now serve the public as the Cincinnati Nature Center (CNC). Though there are many unique features, the architecture, designed landscape, and weaving of nature and manmade throughout the Estate make it reflective of the broader Arts and Crafts movement. This movement influenced architecture, decorative arts, and gardening at the turn of the century with emphasis on the use of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and often medieval, romantic, or folk styles of decoration. Elements of the Arts and Crafts movement can clearly been seen at the Krippendorf Estate; the Lodge, built in 1899, is an eclectic Shingle Style home and the designed landscape reflects early Prairie Style. The landscape has numerous historic features that remain on site: formal garden, swimming pool, dry stone planting walls, stone-line footpaths, with stone steps and stone bridges. In the mid-1960s the Estate was converted into the Cincinnati Nature Center (CNC). There have been interesting, and continued, preservation on site of the complex and landscape including Eagle Scout projects, as well as dedicated volunteer gardeners who planted and cultivated 103 species of plants introduced by former owner Carl H. Krippendorf.

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