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John and Carolena Heimuller Farmstead, Columbia County, Oregon

[photo] Castle BallroomThe 4.06-acre John and Carolena Heimuller Farmstead, located in rural Scappoose, Columbia County, Oregon, dates from the early 20th century, and stands as a 1 1/2 –story balloon-frame vernacular wood building, constructed in a “T” shape and sheltered in original shiplap with corner boards. The most distinctive of the farm buildings is the 1 ½-story wood frame 30’-tall water tower, but the largest structure is the distinctive barn, measuring 36’x40’ with a pitched gable roof. Historically important locally as an example of an early 20th century agricultural buildings and architecturally as a distinct group of buildings in a rural setting, the farmstead was established by John Heimuller (1871-1949) and his wife Carolena Heimuller (1872-1938), both first-generation German-Americans from Missouri. Urged to move to Oregon by relatives, John eventually found work in the local orchards. Purchasing land, the farmhouse was built around 1910, where John and Carolena and their children engaged in growing fruits and nuts and dairying, among other farming pursuits, and achieved local fame for their apples and potatoes.

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[photo] Castle Ballroom

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