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Special Report Series

Special Report No. 1
1998. Bevan, Bruce W.
Geophysical Exploration for Archaeology: An Introduction to Geophysical Exploration. 

Special Report No. 2 
1999. Thiessen, Thomas D.
Emergency Archeology in the Missouri River Basin: The Role of the Missouri Basin Project and the Midwest Archeological Center in the Interagency Archeological Salvage Program, 1946-1975.

Special Report No. 3 
2002. Jeffrey J. Richner 
People of the Thick Fur Woods: Two Hundred Years of Bois Forte Chippewa Occupation of the Voyageurs National Park Area.

Special Report No. 4 
2002. Wilfred M. Husted and Robert Edgar 
The Archeology of Mummy Cave, Wyoming: An Introduction to Shoshonean Prehistory.
Available Format: 508 Accessible pdf link PDF (26M)

Special Report No. 5
2009. Mark J. Lynott
In the Footprints of Squier and Davis: Archeological Fieldwork in Ross County, Ohio.
Available Format: 508 Accessible pdf link PDF (8M)

Special Report No. 6
2017 Revised Edition: James A. Brown
Mound City: The Archaeology of a Renowned Ohio Hopewell Mound Center
Available Format: 508 Accessible pdf link PDF (26M)