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Archeological Report Series

Archeological Report 1
2014 Schilling
2014 An Archaeological Overview and Assessment of the CAR2015 Project at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.
Available: 508 Accessible PDF (3M)

Archeological Report 2
2014 De Vore
Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Proposed Elevator Shaft Site Exploration (PEPC 47098) in the Old Courthouse at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, St. Louis, Missouri.
Available: 508 Accessible PDF (5M)

Archeological Report 3
2014 LeBeau III
Preliminary Report Regarding the Possible Location of the Bad Village and Little Bow Village, Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, Cedar County, Nebraska: Phase 1.

Archeological Report 4
2014 Steven L. De Vore and Rolando L. Garza
The Beginnings of the Mexican War in 1846: Geophysical Investigations of the Fort Brown Site, Cameron County, Texas

Archeological Report 5
2015 Dawn Bringelson Gosia Mahoney and Steven L. De Vore
2009 Archaeological Investigations at the Walters, Beedle, and Lyon Lots, Lincoln Home NHS
Available: 508 Accessible PDF (3M)

Archeological Report 6
2015 Anne M. Wolley Vawser, Melissa Baier, Amanda Davey Renner
​Archeological Testing for Structural Removals, Buffalo National River, Newton, Marion, and Searcy Counties, Arkansas​

Archeological Report 7
2015 Erin C. Dempsey
​Archeological Inventory at Multiple Localities, Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Available: 508 Accessible PDF (2M)

Archeological Report 8
2015 Rose E. Pennington
​Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, The 1993 Park-wide Archeological Survey of South Bass Island, Ottawa County, Ohio
Available: 508 Accessible PDF (2M)

Archeological Report 9
2015 Steven L. De Vore
​Geophysical Evaluation of Four Areas within the Trade Fair Locality at Pecos National Historical Park, San Miguel County,New Mexico
Available: 508 Accessible PDF (4M)

Archeological Report  10
2015 Steven L. De Vore
​Geophysical Investigations of Three Sites within the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, Mercer County, North Dakota
Available: 508 Accessible PDF (7M)

Archeological Report 11
2015 Steven L. De Vore and Ann C. Bauermeister
​Interim Report of the Geophysical Investigations of the River Bank Stabilization Project Area at Hopewell Mound Group, Ross County, Ohio

Archeological Report 12
2015 Steven L. De Vore
​Geophysical Evaluation of a Two- Acre Plot within the Whitman Mission National Historic Site, Washington

Archeological Report 13
2015 Steven L. De Vore
​Geophysical Survey Of The Sivu’ovi Site (Az Q:1:114 [Asm]) On The Petrified Forest National Park, Navaho County, Arizona

Archeological Report 14
2017 Peter Bleed, Steven L. De Vore, Douglas Scott, Amanda Renner, Allison Young
​Archeological Investigations of Overland Trails and Civil War Era Features at Mud Springs Station and The Rush Creek Trail Crossing in Western Nebraska

Archeological Report 15
2017 Dawn Bringleson
Archeological Investigations at Little Sand Bay Visitor Center area Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Available 508 Accessible PDF (8M)

Archeological Report 16 (aw)
2017 Jay Sturdevant
Archeological Investigation of Bluffshelter and Cave Sites, 2011 Field Season, Buffalo National River, Newton County, Arkansas.

Archeological Report 17
2017  William J. Hunt, Jr
Data Recovery, Emergency Access Road and Parking Area, Fort Union Trading Post NHS, Williams County, North Dakota
Available 508 Accessible 

Archeological Report 18
2017 Laura Bender
Archeological Documentation Of Site 25Cd91, Historic Piling Remains On Green Island, Missouri National Recreational River, Nebraska And South Dakota

Archeological Report 19
2017 Holly Staggs
Archeological Inventory of Proposed Access Road And Parking Lot At The Lost Valley Trailhead Buffalo National River Newton County, Arkansas